7 recommended video Editing apps to use for 2019 on both iOS and Android. Video lovers shouldn’t miss it.

By | November 25, 2019

Aside from the editing apps for 2019 that should be installed on the device, video editing apps are also considered apps. Another type that is equally popular. And on the occasion of entering the new year 2019, we have selected the app Cool video editing tools that should be used for the year of 2019, coming to both iOS and Android. Anyone interested can try to download to use immediately.

1- InShot

Video cutting app for everyone, can choose to put music, add effects or even dubbing into video. Decorated with emojis and various text. Adjust the speed of the video. And can also be used to decorate images

2- ALIVE Movie Maker

The app allows you to capture and cut videos for social media like YouTube and Instagram to capture important moments in everyday life and then edit them into effects. Decorated with stickers in many styles When satisfied, can save to share immediately.

3- Quik

Video editing apps from GoPro. Easy to use. Full features. Choose photos, videos, music and insert text. To make videos like a pro, with Auto-sync music features that automatically adjust the song to the length of the video.

4- Adobe Premiere Rush CC

The application to capture and edit video for sharing on social media. Full feature Can be used by both general people and professionals, with Sync feature to easily edit videos, switch between devices easily and conveniently, with Pro mode to choose from. There is a video editor to adjust to the most detailed.

5- VideoShow

A video editing app that comes with all the features and features you can edit, squeeze, convert, or make a GIF. And there is also a ready-made theme with a single tap to finish the video or slideshow, complete with professional tools to use In addition, it can also be used to take pictures or selfies, and can also be decorated with stickers.

6- Artisto

The app allows you to edit and edit videos that can choose to add filters and artistic style effects. You can shoot again or choose from the built-in video for editing. And besides videos, apps This can also be used to enhance images as well.

7- Video Crop

Video editing app that specifically focuses on video cropping and cropping. You can choose the range of videos you want to cut easily and easily. Want to crop the picture, choose only the part you want, can do as you wish Can rotate and flip the video upside down can also be done In addition, you can also choose to put a song in the video as well.

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