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By | December 20, 2019

smooth and more useful.

  File Manager – File Explorer: Easy, smooth and more useful.

  Presentation – a fast, elegant and useful file manager!

  It redefines Android file management with amazing experience.

  “Ultimate File Manager is lightweight and extremely minimalistic: the file manager will make your life easier”, it allows you to navigate internal and external devices
  Storage with a nice interface as well as file, photo, music, movie and document management on your device.

  We understand that for potentially thousands of files on a mobile device, it is often difficult to find the one you are looking for, but now it’s easy to find and manage files, and the minimalist user interface lets you access what you want, whenever you want !! and one of the useful features of Ultimate File Explorer is
  The ability to compress and decompress files directly from the application.

features:  – Minimalist user interface and smooth design.  – Very easy to use.  – Optimized for HD tablets  – Dialogue with cutting, copying, pasting and evolutionary progress  – Support for compression and decompression.  – Multi-resolution support  – Search files very easily  – Multiple selection and classification support  – Thumbnail for photo, video and apk files  – Support for all basic file / folder operations  – Preview thumbnail image files  – Compress and decompress files directly in the application  – Based on the new functionality and theme of the Android tablet  – High resolution support (1280 * 800 +)

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