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By | December 20, 2019

One of the smartphone explorers. Easy to use, easy and efficient.

  Here is a free version of the best file explorer for your Android download.
  This makes it easier to manage your files. *** No root required ***
  It also allows you to show hidden files and folders with permission to view them.
  It also allows you to save installed applications and view information about running processes in the Application Development Tools section.
  Besides being a full-fledged traditional explorer. This new explorer will use a rich new GUI experience and custom controls :).
  ** Development is supported by advertising. But there are no annoying pops here, and additional ads are only displayed on Google’s favorite ad as needed **
  ** Explorer does not require internet connectivity, you can use it offline.

Main Features:  * Make your file manager fully customizable.  Now you can put your favorite themes. All themes are free, without further payment.  * Allows you to manage hidden system files and folders settings without rooting.  * Displays all directory information such as the last modification, etc. with all the details.  * You can carry out the operations as you wish and manage the parameters,  * Search and share file. You can also attach files to all physical media such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and more.  * Compress and export the zip file and also provide the zip options.  * Data move – Cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, move (for files and folders) will take effect in seconds.

* Create media (audio and video files) under control. Integrated image gallery (can be disabled in settings)  * Compatible with Android Lollipop and the latest Nexus phones and tablets  * Covers multiple phone and tablet resolutions with a high graphical interface.

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