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By | December 20, 2019

Former File Explorer Pro is a simple and efficient file explorer for Android devices.

  EX File Explorer – EX Manager Pro is a simple and efficient file explorer for Android devices. File Explorer Former – Former Manager Pro supports browsing, analysis, transfer, search, move, copy, paste and delete files. Manage local device memory, files, and folders on the SD card. Browse all storage systems, application file systems.

Organize and organize files and content such as photos, videos, music, or documents on your phone or tablet. File Manager With File Manager, you can easily manage files and folders on your device and cloud storage. In addition, you can quickly check the number of files and applications on your device, immediately after opening the EX-EX Manager Pro File Explorer.

  Former – Former Manager Pro File Explorer Features: –

  1. Easily browse files by category: photos, music, apps, movies, documents and data, downloads and favorites.

  2. Create a new folder, create a new file

  EX. EX File Explorer basic functions, such as cut, copy, paste, delete, compress, decompress, etc., are easily accessible

  4. Image, video and apk files thumbnail

  5. Help file shortcut on the main screen for easy access

  6. Manage the scope of the application, sometimes using the application

  7. Open the app, save the app, uninstall the app, share the apps

  8. Share – Send files from anywhere with Bluetooth, email or any other device

  9. Many choice options and different sorting options

  10. Former File Explorer – Former Manager Pro supports 50 languages.

  11. Many themes with cool icons.

  12. Navigation drawer for instant navigation

  13. Support for compression and decompression

  15. Supports multiple resolutions

  14. Root Explorer for advanced users

  Ex – Former Manager Pro File Explorer is the easiest, powerful, small, free and perfect application for managing files such as photos, documents, movies, music, applications on the phone. Ex-File Explorer Plus includes optional upgrade network and cloud access capabilities, photo and video galleries, music / sound browsers, Wi-Fi internet access, subscription and file management among devices without the use of application management. Is.

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