Oscar Udhaar – Khata, Ledger, and Hisaab Book

By | June 8, 2020

In the business, it is quite important to keep a record of all transactions, how much money is loaned or, how much is received. This task could become tedious when a person must keep a record of multiple customers and their transaction history. If he wants to make sure that each transaction is noted, he must always carry a logbook with him, so that as soon as a payment is cleared, it can be marked. It is as tricky as it sounds. To help the trader keep track of their finances, the best app is Oscar Udhaar – Khata, Ledger, and Hisaab Book.
The purpose of this udhaar app is to provide the users with sufficient tools that enable the user to keep a complete record of his finances. This way, the user will not lose track of even a single penny of his loaned money. Plus, the easy to interact interface makes sure that all the users can efficiently operate the udhaar app.

Important Features:

Multiple customers:
Keeping in mind that the user might have to deal with more than one customer simultaneously, this application offers the user tools to add as many customers as he wants. Entries of each user will be noted separately with no worries that they might get intermixed which is quite common in the physical ledgers. Whenever a payment is made or received, the user can add it to that customer’s record, and it will become a permanent part of that user’s history.

Once the user allows the application, it will automatically send the notifications and SMS to the customers, reminding them how much loan they must payback, and how much time is left for them to do so. This way, the customer will not have an excuse that he forgot how much time he had left. It will make the receiving of money more efficient.

This udhaar app provides a secure backup feature which makes sure that the essential data of the user is never lost. When a trader loses his ledger, he loses all his record of how much payment he had to receive and from whom. It puts a terrible impact on his business. But with backup tools, even if a user loses his phone or the app gets deleted, the data will be safe and secure on the cloud, and the user will have access to it as soon has reinstalled the application.

Easy to carry:
The small size of the application is one of the key features in making it the best app. Since it is installed on the mobile phone, the user can have all the record of his dealings with him whenever he wants. So that even when a user is at a remote place and has to make a transaction, he can make sure that it is safely noted in the ledger so that even if he forgets it, there is a record.
Multiple Languages:
In the effort of making this udhaar app readily available to everyone, the application supports multiple languages. These languages include the three most used languages of Pakistan:
Roman Urdu is also available so that the users with the Urdu keyboard can keep records in Urdu.

Account Statement:
To keep a complete track of all financial decisions made by the user is a required period, this application provides the account statement feature. The account statement will consist of all the details of transactions made during that time. Including the amount of transaction, when and to whom they were made, and how much has been received. It is quite useful for showing in the annual board meetings.Link

Hisaab Calculator:
It is difficult for the user to remember all the transactions by heart like how much payment has been received, and how much is still owed to the customer. Hisaab Calculator takes care of that problem. It will provide the user with complete information on a customer showing the exact amount of money that is due and when is that money due. It is quite useful as it saves the user from quite long calculations.

Oscar Udhaar – Khata, Ledger, and Hisaab Book is one the best app that makes the everyday tasks of the trader accessible by helping him in keeping his financial records. Multiple languages ensure that even a person who not highly educated can use this application for his benefit. A Safe and secure backup feature guarantees that the user will never lose his essential data. One of the best features is the ability of the application to notify the users so that they can not cause any delay by giving excuses like they forgot the due date etc. All these features and many others make Oscar Udhaar – Khata, Ledger, and Hisaab Book the best udhaar app.


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