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Oscar Udhaar – Khata, Ledger, and Hisaab Book

In the business, it is quite important to keep a record of all transactions, how much money is loaned or, how much is received. This task could become tedious when a person must keep a record of multiple customers and their transaction history. If he wants to make sure that each transaction is noted, he… Read More »

cashApp earn money online

With the current lockdown condition all around the world, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is how to make money from home. Due to the contagious nature of the virus, no one wants to leave their home. And the best way to get through this period is to make money online. Scammers have created various… Read More »

Upwork for Freelancers

Looking for quality freelance work from high-value clients? Look no further. Upwork is the largest online talent solution connecting businesses and skilled freelance professionals. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of finding rewarding work from anywhere across the globe, including opportunities to work with startups to large, established brands. Upwork was created to give freelancers and… Read More »

Fiverr – Freelance Services

Business owner working around the clock? Rushing to complete a project? Entrepreneur on-the-go? Say hello to Fiverr – the largest marketplace for digital services. Get instant access to a global network of quality freelancers and find everything you need to start or grow your business. As the world’s most affordable and easiest to use digital… Read More »